Nokia 3310 Relaunch Was Perfectly Timed. Here’s Why.

Nokia’s flagship mobile phone 3310, one of the most iconic devices of the 21st century, has been relaunched under HMD Global, a Finnish company headed by ex-Nokians. Mixed feelings from excitement to doubt were in the air ahead of the grand reveal at the Mobile World Congress 2017 on February 26, but one thing was for certain: crowds were ready to welcome the reimagined 3310. 

It has been a short time coming for Nokia’s rebirth. Preparations for the resurrection of Nokia’s pre-Microsoft legacy were launched in May 2016 when the newly founded HMD acquired legal rights to the Nokia brand. Six months of preparations later, the company officially unveiled its first batch of new Nokias, featuring moderately priced Android-powered smartphones Nokia 3, 5, and 6, plus the homage version of 3310, at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona.

Up until the grand reveal, HMD remained tight-lipped about the details, leaving crowds wonder what sort of modern features might be built into the revamped 3310. It was speculated that data transmission, instant messaging apps, and other present-day essentials be included in the phone to back the usability of the phone in today’s data-driven society. But such characterization of a more capable 3310 didn’t stop nostalgia-filled loyal Nokia users from showing interest in grabbing their own 2017 version of the 2000 original.

What mattered was that 3310 would be coming back. And the timing for its comeback was quite ideal.

It was ideal because most smartphones are no longer convenient and mobile. They’ve become all-in-one smart companions, offering games, messaging apps, social media, alarms, online banking, and an array of other features in a piece of ironically fragile hardware, now rarely even able to fit into a pocket. Phones have become high maintenance. And that’s not for everyone. 

Here’s where the 3310 comes in, with its long-lasting battery life, basic functions, and fuzz-free interface. You can gift it to both your grandma and best friend, and rest assured they’ll get their heads around it. It’s the perfect second phone for those camping weekends and unexpected calls, with an incredible standby battery time of 25 days

The 3310 is simply a breath of fresh air next to the jam-packed, two-camera, data-devouring (and occasionally, ahem, self-destructive) devices of today. Not to mention that it has Snake. 

While technology tends to lose its monetary and perceived value over time, exceptions exist. It’s fair to say Nokia 3310 is worthy of being dubbed the LP player of mobile phones, with standout features that transcend time and can certainly be missed. And judging from the internet’s enthusiastic reaction to the relaunch, this return of the beloved 3310 hit the spot for something reliable and durable, and most of all, something truly nostalgic.